Q: What is the Eternity Origin?
A: Eternity Origin is a collection of 7 NFTs which will act as a direct opportunity to mint an Eternity Halo. Owning an Eternity Origin will allow you two Eternity List spots, one free mint and an OG role in the Discord community.
Q: Is the Eternity Origin on sale?
A: Yes, the collection is live on Foundation here: https://foundation.app/collection/etorigin
Q: What is the Eternity Halo?
A: Eternity Halo is a collection of 3333 Genesis NFTs. Owning an Eternity Halo gives you access to the Haloverse. More information on the Haloverse coming soon.
Q: How many out of 3333 will be reserved for the team?
A: A total of 333 will be reserved by the team for marketing and partnerships.
Q: When will the Eternity Halo NFT collection launch?
A: The collection sale will go live in Q3 2022
Q: What is the price per mint of this collection?
A: Pricing is yet to be announced
Q: How many mints does each Eternity List members have access to?
A: Eternity List members will be able to mint 2 per wallet during the pre-sale and upto 3 per wallet during the Public sale.
Q: How can one be a part of the Eternity List?
A: By participating in various activities on Discord and Twitter.